Call for Business Incubation Consultant



The Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) has received a grant from the Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) – Ministry of Education and Higher Education and funded by the World Bank for the project entitled: Operation and Development for Islamic University IT Incubator’. Accordingly, IUG intends to apply part of this grant for the selection and employment of highly qualified Business Incubation Consultant.

Assignment Objective:

Islamic University of Gaza is considering the selection of highly qualified Business Incubation Consultant to be part of the small core staff responsible for the implementation and development of the project.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Disseminate best practices in business incubation including IUG ICT Incubator as a case study
  2. Conducting 4 awareness seminars in the field of business incubation targeting fresh graduates and senior students in 4 local universities
  3. Prepare seminars awareness material,
  4. Provide guidelines and orientations to seminars’ attendees regarding registration in Islamic University ICT Incubator


  1. Completion of 4 awareness seminar (one day each) in the field of the assignment
  2. Awareness material a week before awareness campaign starts,

3. Mission report including assessment of the situation, obstacles met, lessons learned, and recommendation

Essential Required Qualifications, knowledge and Competencies:

1. Master degree in Business administration/ Engineering or any other related field.

2. Experience in establishment and/or operating business incubators is required;

3. Experience in ICT training course provision is considered an asset

4. Excellent interpersonal communication and lobbying skills

5. Excellent English language capabilities.

Place of work:

Housed within IUG and will be supervised by the project manager.

Time Frame:

The duration of the assignment is 2 weeks.

Contract Type: Lump Sum Contract.


Interested consultants are invited to submit their CVs to e-mail: by Sunday, 5th of July 2009, before 2.00 PM