Anadul Agency director visits IUG


The rehabilitation project “Irade” conducted in Gaza under the orders of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has given the Palestinian war victims a reason to hold on to life.

Opening the Gaza Office of Anadolu Agency (AA), AA Chairman of the Board and the Director General Kemal Ozturk visited the vocational courses at the Islamic University of Gaza held as part of the “Gaza-Rehabilitation Project for The Disabled by War (Irade)” funded by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).

Jamal EL-Khodary, Islamic University of Gaza Chairman of the Board, accompanied Ozturk on his visit. “Gaza waits for Turkish Premier Erdogan. We would like to thank him as he sent us his projects before himself,” he said.

Also visiting the exhibition of the course trainees’ works in ceramic and wood, planned to be opened by Turkish Premier Erdogan, Ozturk expressed his pleasure to see the veterans smiling and conveyed Turkish PM Erdogan’s compliments due to his “special interest to Gaza.”

El-Khodary also conveyed his gratitude for the support of Erdogan and Turkey to Palestine, saying “For us, Turkey is not like any other country and Erdogan is not like the other leaders. He is the one loving Palestine from the heart and giving unhesitant support.”

Stressing that the project provides the trainees both with a job and salary, El-Khodary stated “This is an unprecedented support. People were on the brink of dying, this project has brought them back to life.”

Within the “Gaza-Rehabilitation Project for The Disabled by War (Irade)” realized by TIKA, the people disabled by the Israeli attacks on Gaza receive academic and vocational training.

The academic program provides training ranging from banking, and finance, psychological support and rehabilitation, maintenance of computers and mobile device, and graphic design while the vocational program includes training in carpentry, glass and ceramic works, pottery, wood painting and bookbindery.