IUG Welcomes New Students: 2024 Entry

IUG Welcomes New Students: 2024 Entry

“We are proud of our graduates’ success stories and hope you learn from their experiences to make greater accomplishments.”

Professor Sofyan Tayeh, IUG President, welcomed the previously registered and newly admitted students to university life, wishing them the best of luck. He emphasized that IUG will help them make their dreams come true despite all the obstacles and hard conditions in the Gaza Strip.

Up-to-date Academic Programs

“We hold your future in high regard; thus, we offer programs that qualify you to compete in the labor market. Besides, IUG incubates hundreds of graduates and promotes their small businesses. Now, they are leading successful companies. Education quality is our foremost concern; the Ministry of Higher Education and Research accredits all our programs.”

“Welcome to the Islamic University of Gaza. Please remember that we are here to support you and provide you with the best educational services.”

“Dear new students, congratulations on selecting the right place! Welcome to your second home. IUG staff will always be ready to aid you in the long journey of learning.”

Cooperations and Scholarships

IUG cooperates with over 350 educational institutions in Europe, America, and Asia. By opening exchange opportunities with the Western world for students and academics, we are able to enhance staff’s knowledge and motivation to update course content and study programs.

Additionally, IUG demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of Gazan’s socioeconomic situation; hence, it grants thousands of scholarships for students. Those include distinguished students, the poor, and students with special needs. Correspondingly, the university connects with various institutions to fund students studying there.