Forty-five Years of Productivity and Prosperity

Forty-five Years of Productivity and Prosperity

Professor Sofyan Tayeh assumed the position of IUG president after Prof. Nasser Farhat in the past week. He said, “This responsibility is great as IUG is one of the original universities that cooperatively worked with the Palestinian universities in the West Bank to lead the journey of higher education in Palestine. It had been the only university in the Gaza Strip until the partner universities in Gaza were established.”

“IUG contributed to Palestine’s scientific, cultural, and national development. This place, which has been built for 45 years, is a model for higher education institutions. We are proud of the ranking of our university at the international and regional levels. We also appreciate the efforts of our staff and are proud of their academic achievements and rewards.”

Original Academic Staff

Prof. Tayeh emphasized that the professors teaching at the Islamic University completed their higher education degrees at prestigious universities. “It is an honor to see our academics continually publish significant research papers and articles.”

IUG provides a marvelous environment for the students, where buildings and laboratories serve their needs. It also uses solar power instead of electricity in most facilities.

“We focus on the quality of education we provide to our students. We aim to develop programs that align with science and technology development.”

“What makes IUG stand out is that it follows specific regulations to manage relations. the principles of equity, equality and honesty guide people working and studying there”