Islamic University of Gaza Honors Students for Scientific Research Achievements

Islamic University of Gaza Honors Students for Scientific Research Achievements

The Islamic University of Gaza’s Deanery of Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies recently held a prestigious award ceremony to honor students who have excelled in scientific research across various fields. The event, which took place at the university’s Public Conferences Hall in the Tayba Building, was attended by Professor Dr. Nasser Farhat, President of the Islamic University; Professor Dr. Youssef Al-Jaish, Dean of Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies; and Professor Dr. Nazem Al-Ashqar, Deputy Dean, alongside a gathering of faculty members and students.

During the ceremony, Professor Dr. Farhat expressed his appreciation for the tireless efforts of the Deanery of Scientific Research in providing unwavering support to students and fostering their skills in diverse scientific research domains. He highlighted the transformative impact of such initiatives, which enrich students’ experiences and enable them to acquire advanced scientific and research capabilities. Furthermore, Professor Dr. Farhat underscored the crucial role of scientific research as the true and essential pathway for societal development and progress. He emphasized that scientific research offers valuable insights into future trends and the evolving landscape of knowledge.

In his address, Professor Dr. Al-Jaish shed light on the Deanery’s unwavering commitment to nurturing the capacities of Islamic University students and enhancing their proficiencies in research and scientific disciplines. He emphasized that the Deanery’s vision revolves around investing in students as the university’s most valuable asset, both at the local and international levels. Professor Dr. Al-Jaish also emphasized the continuation of training programs aimed at bolstering students’ skills and facilitating a significant leap in their research practices.

The awards ceremony served as a testament to the Islamic University of Gaza’s unwavering dedication to promoting scientific research among its students. By recognizing and honoring outstanding achievements, the university seeks to encourage a culture of inquiry and innovation while nurturing the talents of future researchers and scholars.