Palestinian News Agency Safa Strengthens Partnership with Islamic University of Gaza

Palestinian News Agency Safa Strengthens Partnership with Islamic University of Gaza

A delegation from the esteemed Palestinian News Agency Safa recently paid a visit to the Islamic University of Gaza. Led by the accomplished journalist Mohammed Abu Qamar, the Editor-in-Chief of Safa, the delegation was warmly received by Dr. Ahmed Al-Turk, Director of the Public Relations Department at the university, and Mr. Munir Abu Raas, Head of the Media Department.

The primary objective of this visit was to further enhance and strengthen the partnership between Safa and the Islamic University, with a focus on mutually beneficial areas that contribute to the development of institutional and community work, while also serving individuals.

Dr. Al-Turk extended a warm welcome to the visiting delegation from Safa and took the opportunity to highlight the university’s core areas of focus, which include academic fields, practical research, and community service. He also acknowledged the university’s notable achievements in higher education, particularly in terms of rankings, where it has secured prominent positions at the Palestinian, Arab, and regional levels.

Commending the quality of awards garnered by students and graduates of the university across various disciplines, Dr. Al-Turk specifically highlighted the exceptional recognition received by journalism and media students. He further emphasized that many Media Department alumni have successfully assumed significant roles at both local and international levels. Dr. Al-Turk expressed the university’s readiness to bolster and support its relationship with Safa Agency, thereby contributing to the advancement of the educational and media sectors.

Journalist Abu Qamar shared insights into Safa Agency’s progressive journey, discussing its nature, and the remarkable achievements it has attained within the media field while actively serving the Palestinian cause. Abu Qamar emphasized the strong bond between Safa and the Islamic University, underscoring the agency’s keen interest in highlighting success stories and exceptional research conducted by professors and students at the university. He also expressed Safa’s willingness to collaborate with the Journalism and Media Department of the Islamic University in areas such as training and developing the capabilities and skills of media students.

The visit of the Safa delegation marks a significant step towards strengthening the partnership between the Palestinian News Agency and the Islamic University of Gaza. It sets the stage for a closer working relationship, aiming to leverage the shared expertise and resources to benefit both institutions and serve the wider community.