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Islamic University included in World’s Universities with Real Impact ranking for 2023 innovative universities

Islamic University included in World’s Universities with Real Impact ranking for 2023 innovative universities

The Islamic University of Gaza has garnered international recognition for its academic prowess, securing a commendable position within the top 101–200 global universities in the prestigious 2023 South Korean ranking, WURI (World’s Universities with Real Impact). Distinguishing itself as the sole Palestinian institution featured in this coveted list, the university’s achievement underscores its commitment to innovative research methodologies and educational programs across six key categories: industrial applications, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, student exchange, crisis management, and advancements during the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The rigorous evaluation process, spearheaded by seasoned experts from diverse universities worldwide, adhered to meticulous protocols and guidelines outlined by the ranking institution. Acknowledging this remarkable milestone, Professor Dr. Nasser Farhat, the esteemed President of the Islamic University of Gaza, extended his heartfelt congratulations to the dedicated faculty and diligent students, applauding their collective efforts that have consistently propelled the university to prominent positions in various esteemed rankings throughout its illustrious history.

Emphasizing the university’s unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and growth across all domains, Professor Dr. Abdelraouf Elmanama, the Dean of Quality and Development, elucidated that this notable progress stems from ongoing enhancements within the institution’s operations. He attributed this achievement to the relentless endeavors of the university staff, in conjunction with the unwavering dedication of the deanships, centers, and departments to elevating the university’s reputation on the global stage. Professor Dr. Elmanama expressed admiration for the collaborative efforts of the esteemed “Ranking Committee” and the accomplished team at the Quality and Development Deanship, lauding their contributions in securing the university’s exceptional participation in diverse international rankings.

The Islamic University of Gaza’s remarkable placement in the WURI ranking serves as a testament to its unwavering pursuit of academic excellence and underscores its continued commitment to innovation and impactful research. As the university looks towards the future, this achievement stands as a testament to its dedication to providing an exceptional educational experience and contributing to the global academic landscape.