IUG’s Faculty of Education holds educational meeting on women’s rights in Islam

IUG’s Faculty of Education holds educational meeting on women’s rights in Islam

The Faculty of Education at the Islamic University of Gaza recently organized an educational lecture titled “Women’s Rights in Islamic Sharia.” The event served as a practical application of the educational courses overseen by Dr. Monawar Najm, a faculty member at the institution. Its primary objective was to equip educational professionals with the necessary knowledge to comprehend women’s rights, responsibilities, and integration within society. The lecture saw the attendance of prominent individuals, including Dr. Fayez Shaldan, Head of the Department of Educational Foundations; Dr. Nermin Odwan, Director General of Women’s Police; Attorney Basma Haniya; and Aseel El-Efrangi, the meeting coordinator. Several female students from the Faculty of Education were also in attendance.

During the lecture, Ms. Haniya underscored the significance of the women’s rights discourse, which serves as a crucial foundation for achieving rights and freedoms. She emphasized that women should be regarded as individuals within society, subject to legal and religious principles, just like their male counterparts. Ms. Haniya further highlighted the enduring and essential role women have played in society, striving to assume strategic positions that enable practical and social influence. She asserted that Islam recognizes women as equals, honoring and valuing them as fellow human beings.

Dr. Odwan drew attention to the critical issues concerning women, particularly in relation to married life. She emphasized the pivotal role women play in building and preserving families, as well as their responsibility to raise children with proper values and conduct. Dr. Odwan also cautioned the female students and attendees about the potential risks posed by technological advancements. She highlighted the negative societal consequences, such as cultural invasion and the formation of prohibited relationships, that can result from the misuse or abuse of technology.

The educational lecture at the Islamic University of Gaza provided an important platform for discussing and raising awareness about women’s rights in Islamic Sharia. The event not only aimed to equip educational professionals with a comprehensive understanding of these rights and responsibilities but also shed light on the crucial roles women fulfill within society. By addressing contemporary challenges and emphasizing the need for ethical behavior, the lecture fostered a deeper appreciation for women’s contributions and their position within the community.