An academic from the Faculty of Ussol Eddin participates in International Training Week at Aksaray University in Turkey

An academic from the Faculty of Ussol Eddin participates in International Training Week at Aksaray University in Turkey

Dr. Nihad Al-Thalathini, an assistant professor at the Faculty of Fundamentals of Islam (Ussol Eddin) at the Islamic University, recently took part in the prestigious International Training Week hosted by Aksaray University in Turkey. The event brought together esteemed representatives from partner universities across Palestine, Tunisia, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Africa, and Kyrgyzstan, all united under the umbrella of international academic exchange initiatives sponsored by the European Erasmus Plus program.

The primary objective of the training was to foster academic collaboration and broaden the participants’ horizons within their respective academic disciplines. Throughout the week-long program, attendees were afforded the unique opportunity to attend a series of insightful lectures, interactive workshops, and seminars where the latest advancements in their fields were discussed at length. The event aimed to stimulate scientific exchange and foster mutual learning between scholars hailing from diverse partner countries.

During the event, Dr. Thalathini delivered a comprehensive presentation, highlighting the Islamic University’s notable accomplishments, prominent research centers, and distinguished faculties. He underscored the university’s global reach and extensive international collaborations, with a particular focus on its fruitful partnerships with Turkish universities. Notably, the Islamic University actively engages in international exchange projects with no less than eight esteemed Turkish universities. Dr. Thalathini’s expertise was also put to use as he delivered a series of lectures to undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students, imparting knowledge on a wide range of subjects, including the science of Hadith and its interpretation, Quranic studies, and recitation.

Dr. Khalid Al-Hallaq, the Dean of External Affairs at the Islamic University, commended Dr. Thalathini’s invaluable contributions to the event, emphasizing the vital role that international engagements of this nature play in advancing the academic field and elevating the scientific and cultural acumen of participating scholars. These opportunities serve to augment professional growth and career development prospects for those involved. Dr. Al-Hallaq further expressed the Islamic University’s commitment to strengthening cooperation with partner countries through such international collaborations. The university strives to enhance the qualifications of its faculty members, foster a modern and dynamic academic environment that embraces best practices, and foster greater collaboration with universities worldwide.

It is noteworthy that since 2015, the Islamic University has actively participated in an impressive 65 international exchange projects, offering over 180 opportunities for students and university staff to engage in enriching international exchanges.