IUG Celebrates 4th and 5th Batches of Hearing-Impaired Students

IUG Celebrates 4th and 5th Batches of Hearing-Impaired Students

In a special graduation ceremony, IUG celebrated Monday 13 December the graduation of the fourth and the fifth batches of hearing-impaired students totaling (40) males and females graduates.

Prof. Naser Farhat, IUG President, said in a speech that “This distinct celebration is crowning new batches of hearing-impaired students who have determination and are up to the challenges”. He hinted that IUG is proud of being the only university in Palestine that provides higher education to students of special needs, and being one of few universities in the Middle East for such achievement. He added that IUG provides a proper educational environment including study halls, PC’s, sign interpreters, suitable books, and transportation for hearing-impaired students, clarifying that a team of (100) employees received sign language courses in order to be able to understand the needs of those students.

Prof. Farhat highlighted that IUG contributed to community awareness of hearing-impaired class of people by organizing several activities that include courses, events, and seminars adding that “IUG humbly seeks to employ these graduates to work within IUG staff by providing them with adequate opportunities and vacancies”

Dr. Alaeddin Aljomasi, Dean of Continuing Education and Community Service Deanship, demonstrated that IUG has brought the opportunity for hearing-impaired students to further their university education, so they could obtain their well-deserved scientific degrees. He continued that  IUG graduated around (400) hearing-impaired students, and this category empowered IUG to implement custom programs to help them seizing available opportunities along with other students.

Dr. Aljomasi explained that Continuing Education Deanship provided services to more than seventy thousand beneficiaries from all community classes, and graduated around two thousand individuals from different diploma programs that include technical, technological, medical, management, and entrepreneurship specialties.

On behalf of the graduates, Mr. Ahmed Dohair, expressed his happiness standing on the graduation stage, clarifying that IUG has granted them a unique opportunity to continue their education. He thanked the role of families in providing all kinds of support to help them in their education, hoping  for more educational support after the diploma degree.

In the graduation protocol, the requirements of graduation have been verified, and the supporting institutions such as Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children, Interpal, Qatar Red Crescent  have been honored for their contribution.