Faculty of Health Sciences Signs Agreement with MSF

Faculty of Health Sciences Signs Agreement with MSF

A cooperation agreement between Faculty of Health Sciences and Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has been signed at IUG. The agreement aims at mutual cooperation in areas of practical training, scientific research, and other common areas.

The first party is represented by Dr. Mazen Alzaharna, Dean of the faculty, and the second party is represented by Mr. Frederic Bonnot, the mission coordinator. The signature ceremony was attended by heads of the faculty departments, and members from MSF.

The agreement stipulates the mutual cooperation between the two parties in the practical training of Physiotherapy students of the faulty in Physiotherapy centers of MSF, which are distributed in different areas of the Gaza Strip, as a part of Burns and Injuries Treatment academic course.

Dr. Alzaharna stated that the faculty, since establishment, has been always interested in building cooperation bridges of science and research with governmental, civic, and private bodies in order to put the exerted efforts in line with refining the skills of the faculty students to rehabilitate them for the job market upon graduation.

He underlined the significant role played by MSF in training students, mainly of Physiotherapy department, because MSF has abundant experience and resources in treating burns and injuries of patients,  and adopts sophisticated techniques in various service levels as well.

After signing the agreement, the two parties took a tour in the university museum, where the MSF delegation was briefed on the university history of achievements and partnership agreements with Arab and international universities.