Engineering Faculty Member Finishes a Teaching International Exchange in Italy and Portugal

Engineering Faculty Member Finishes a Teaching International Exchange in Italy and Portugal

Within the international exchange projects funded by Erasmus  Program,  38 academics and administrative officers have received scholarships in cooperation with  many different Universities in Europe.  Through that,  Moa’yad Al-Mobayed, an assistant professor at Electric Engineering Department, has participated in international exchange missions to teach at both of  Sapienza University  of  Rome in Italy and University of Lisbon in  Portugal.

Professor Chiara Boccaletti, hosted Dr. Al-Mobayed  for five days in the Department of Aerospace Electrical and Power Engineering at Sapienza University in Italy, in order to teach in the field of power electronics and piezoelectricity as a new source of renewable energy. This resulted in exchanging teaching experiences, updating topics and references, cooperating between the two universities in writing international project proposals, cooperating in publishing  joint papers, and  participating in supervising master’s theses for students and other joint activities.

Dr. Al-MObayed also visited the University of Lisbon in  Portugal, as an output  of  a partnership between Portuguese universities which allows international exchange between students and staff of partner universities, either for study, teaching or training.

Throughout his five-day visit,  Dr. Al- Mobayed  was hosted at the Robotics and Industrial Complex System group under the supervision of Dr. José Baratta. Several meetings were held with the administration of the Technology and Systems Centre in the university to agree on a convention connecting the two universities.

Meanwhile,  a cooperation agreement has been signed to grant the IUG students master’s and  PhD  scholarships in  fields related to technology and systems center, such as industry, robots, data’s science, self-adapting, independent systems, etc.

Dr. Khaled Al-Hallaq, Dean of  External Affairs at IUG, added that the  external relations attaches a great importance  to the international activities that are based on the international academic exchange with different universities around the world. That is because it involves promising benefits for the university students, academic and administrative staff. He also demonstrated the external relations’ endeavors  for presenting many project proposals for the academic exchange. This will be by a partnership with various universities in different countries such as European countries and Turkey.