Engineering Faculty, IUG, Holds a Seminar about “Waste Management.. A Protection of Environment”

Engineering Faculty, IUG, Holds a Seminar about “Waste Management.. A Protection of Environment”

On the occasion of Arab Environment Day 2021, the Faculty of Engineering, in cooperation with Water & Environmental Quality Authority and Gaza Municipality, has organized a seminar entitled ” Waste Management.. A Protection of Environment”. The seminar was attended by a group of the faculty members, official representatives of civil society organizations, and specialists in the field.

Opening Session

Dr. Khalil Alastal, Dean of the faculty, said that ” Arab Environment Day demonstrates the importance of cooperation among national institutions that contribute to the solution of water and environmental sector problems”. He also hinted that universities are based on three pillars; academic education, community service, and scientific research, on which the seminar relies to solve the community problems.

He asserted the role of the faculty in offering different academic programs related to the environment in order to supply the job market with experts in this field. He demonstrated that this seminar presents many scientific lectures on the status quo of waste management and the reduction of solid waste production.

Dr. Yahya Alsarraj, mayor of Gaza Municipality, said that the focus of the municipality is waste management, as it is considered an essential service to all citizens, and a big challenge facing the municipality.

He highlighted the seriousness of  waste sorting, stressing on timing significance in handling waste, because it is basically the first step towards reducing and recycling the volume of waste, and contributes to cost minimization, effectiveness increase, and management efficiency.

Dr. Yousif Ibrahim, Head of Water & Environmental Quality Authority, stated that celebrating Arab Environment Day aims to spread a message of an existing water problem in Palestine, and to shed light on the Palestinians rights of having water, and to provide clear information about the aquifer and the geological layers of the environment. He also explained that the Environmental Authority is working to strengthen the relationship with educational institutions in all disciplines to provide the graduates with an opportunity for practical training and experience in the work nature of Environmental Authority.

Additionally, he called on the graduates to harness their research papers on the environment and water problems in the Gaza strip, noting that one of the main objectives of the Water & Environmental Quality Authority is to conserve water storage, regulate the process of using it, and reuse wastewater.

Scientific Lectures

Many topics have been discussed in the seminar starting with Eng. Mohamed Mosleh who discussed the current status of solid waste management in the Gaza Strip. Followed by Ms. Ekhlas Hamdan who addressed the issue of Battery Disposal Management in the Gaza strip. Dr. Abdulmajeed Nassar, however, talked about the electronic waste, while Ms. Amal Alhaj Ahmed referred to the contributions of Health and Environment Department in reducing the production of solid waste.