Physiotherapy Department held a Symposium of Physical Disability

Physiotherapy Department held a Symposium of Physical Disability

Physiotherapy Department, Faculty of Health Sciences at Islamic University of Gaza, in collaboration with International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), hosted a scientific symposium titled “ICRC Projects in Gaza: Clubfoot and Wheelchair”.

The symposium was run by the Physical Disability Team at ICRC and supervised by Physiotherapy Department in the presence of a group of faculty members and students from the department.

The purpose of such symposiums, according to Dr. Mohammed Kraizem, Head of Physiotherapy Department, is to introduce physical therapy programs to students and to assist local and international institutions with projects related to their area of interest, in order to properly serve the community.

Dr. Ahmed Mousa, head of ICRC projects, discussed the emergence of the wheelchair program in the Gaza Strip, its goals, the services it offers to persons with disabilities, and the working techniques applied in the workshop that Physical Disability program at ICRC sponsors.

Dr. Saeda Albaraawi, ICRC, discussed the clubfoot program, its cases, and the most pressing issues that the injured face. She also highlighted the role of ICRC in dealing with such cases. This is in addition to the training that workers in the treatment team received, and the role of physiotherapy in the process of implementing global protocols in this field.