IUG to Launch Research & Development Center at Turkish Palestinian Friendship Hospital

IUG to Launch Research & Development Center at Turkish Palestinian Friendship Hospital

IUG to

Deanship of Research & Graduate Studies at Islamic University of Gaza continues its preparations for launching Research & Development Center of Turkish Palestinian Friendship Hospital. The Center endeavors to be a national center for scientific research and health training development. It will follow the highest international standards through linking academic research and applied health aspects to reach a distinctive level of health care.

The center will also promote pioneering researches through supporting researchers and experts in conducting scientific research that contributes to the evolution of individuals’ lives through scientific evidence-based results and solutions. This center is concerned with developing health personnel’s skills based on up-to-date science breakthrough in health care field to provide highest standards of specialized health care. It also enhances opportunities for local, regional and international research cooperation in line with the developmental policy of Turkish Palestinian Friendship Hospital.

Professor Yousef Aljeesh, Dean of Research and Graduate Studies and Director of the Research and Development Center, pointed out that the center has come to light to fulfill the vision of Turkish Palestinian Friendship Hospital to be a leading center for scientific research, development, and service of humanity. He noted that the center will actively improve the health degree of Palestinian society, promote sound scientific research in various fields. It will also contribute to the continuous development of health personnel capacity, dissemination of scientific health research culture, and supporting of scientific evidence-based treatment. He explained that the center will work on bringing research grants, and creating new paths and priorities for researches in the health sector.

About areas of work at Research and Development Center, Professor Aljeesh stressed that working at the center will concentrate on two aspects; the first is research management which focuses on both directing research efforts to prioritize researches in health field, and continuous improvement of patients’ quality of life, as well as supporting researchers in laboratories and clinics of Turkish Palestinian Friendship Hospital. The second is the training and capacity building which focuses on meeting the needs of researchers and medical crew in an attempt to bridge knowledge gaps and build capacity of health workers. It also focuses on making a room for communicating and networking with local, regional, and international experts to provide best expertise for health workers.

Dr. Sobhi Skaik, Director-General of Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, hinted at the importance and centrality of the center work in bettering the fields of scientific research in the hospital. He stated that the center fulfills the vision of the Board of Trustees of Turkish Palestinian Friendship Hospital which is to solidify the position of the hospital as a beacon of scientific research and development, serving Palestinian community and developing health system.