IUG Iwan Center Inaugurates Alashi Archaeological House as a Site of Culture and Media

IUG Iwan Center Inaugurates Alashi Archaeological House as a Site of Culture and Media

Iwan Center for Cultural Heritage, Faculty of Engineering at IUG, inaugurates Alashi house as a site of culture and media after completing the renovation works. The inauguration took place in the presence of the community intellectuals, academics, media figures, and legal personalities, amidst an atmosphere filled with fragrant history and past authenticity.

Dr. Mohammed Alaklouk, Vice Chairman of IUG Board of Trustees, sent a word of appreciation to the efforts exerted to help the rehabilitation of Alashi house as a site of culture and media, adding that “The house is considered one of the architectural marvels that was built in Aldaraj neighborhood, it goes back to the time of the Ottoman era in late 19th century”. He continued that the house owners’ devotion to preserve identity and heritage is the crucial motivation behind concluding a partnership agreement with Iwan Center to renovate and operate the house as a site of community culture and media.

Dr. Alaklouk expressed his amazement when he re-visited the house after leaving it abandoned for many years in a poor condition, adding that “Today it is an architectural marvel marking its rich history“. He confirmed his worthy appreciation to Iwan Center for its determination in bringing the ancient house back to life once again.

Dr. Yahya Alsarraj, President of Gaza municipality, stressed on the importance of grouping local efforts to preserve the rest of antique buildings in the old town of Gaza city, showing the municipality readiness to cooperate with all efforts that seek to maintain urban rehabilitation. He thanked IUG and Iwan Center for their integrative role in the success of the project.    

Dr. Sanaa Saleh, Vice Dean of Faculty of Engineering, underlined the significance of historical buildings based on their culture and architecture values. She manifested that preserving such building, renovating, and rehabilitating them is top priority of the Faculty of Engineering represented by Iwan Center for such purpose. She presented her appreciation to “Al-Quds Today” Channel for its support of the Palestinian cultural heritage.

Eng. Mahmoud Albalawi, the in-charge supervisor of executing project renovation, clarified that this project comes within the ongoing strategy of  preserving the Palestinian architectural and cultural inheritance.

Dr. Jamal Abu Raida, General Director of the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities in Palestine, assured that the ministry will support all efforts of local organizations made for preserving, renovating, and rehabilitating historical buildings, pointing out that the ministry is seeking a partnership and cooperation with all local and international organizations dedicated to sustain the Palestinian heritage. 

Mr. Wael Abu Fanouna, the representative of “Al-Quds Today” TV Channel, in a report of “Al-Quds Today” Channel, spoke about the importance of upholding the historical and architectural values, expressing his happiness for their collaboration with Iwan Center in preserving one of the Palestinian historical houses, and calling for culture and media organizations to repeat this successful experience in another ancient house. He stated that Alashi house will be used as a site of culture and media sparkling with Palestinian heritage and tales.

After cutting the opening red rope, the event attendees watched a visual presentation for all steps taken of the renovation process. The ceremony ended with a tour inside the house, where most of the attendees expressed their admiration of the Iwan Center design and style in the making of the renovation by bringing authenticity and modernity together in every architectural detail.