IUG Students Receive PAMA Scholarship

IUG Students Receive PAMA Scholarship

The Islamic university of Gaza held a ceremony to hand out a scholarship for the Gaza students from different university. A delegation from Al- Azhar university participated in the ceremony. Also Benefited from scholarship Forty students from both IUG and Al-Azhar university.

Dr, Youssef Khalifa, who is a president of the PAMA foundation, emphasized that the process of selecting the beneficiary students was carried out easily in coordination with the donors (AUG), and (IUG) on the basis of excellence and distinction not only the financial need of the students, and he affirm the continuation of PAMA in providing grants to the outstanding medical students in the Gaza strip.

In turn, Al-Gharabawi commended PAMA and the Palestinian community in America, pointing to the impact of this grant on the students and their families.

Also, Dr Naim appreciated the efforts of the PAMA in providing support that contributes to completing the educational process for students in Palestinian universities, hoping that this giving and support would continue.

Dr Naim thanked the PAMA for its sponsorship of a number of medical college students. 40 male and female from IUG has benefited from the grants and 40 male and female from AUG.

The students who benefited from the scholarship show up their happiness with this support which reinforced the goal of continuing to achieve hopes and ambitions.