Four Engineers Design Project to Benefit from Sheikh Radwan Basin

Four Engineers Design Project to Benefit from Sheikh Radwan Basin

        Four graduates from the Civil Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering at the Islamic University of Gaza have managed to do a project to determine the best options to benefit from the stormwater collected in the Sheikh Radwan Basin. Sheikh Radwan Basin main problem is that the gathered stormwater is pumped to the sea where one of the important water resources is lost. Moreover, during heavy rain the water level rises which leads to flooding in the basin. Thus, the students suggested three alternatives to manage the stormwater and designed one of the three.


        This project aimed to assess the basin in terms of quality of collected stormwater, volume, water level, and finding best options for reducing the flood in the basin, then design it. The students adopted a methodology where they investigated the problem on the ground and collected data from the residents of the area in addition to the municipality of Gaza and Coastal Municipalities Water Utility. In addition, their methodology included the world stormwater harvesting mechanism study and the stormwater drainage system in Gaza strip. The female students examined the quality of the water in SHR by sampling, and they identified the area served by SHR basin.

       Three alternatives for Stormwater Management were suggested at the end of their project. Firstly, to use treatment and pumping in the aquifer, secondly, to temporary storage water. And thirdly to build infiltration wells at Sheikh Radwan Reservoir. Therefore, they have designed a sand trap basin between the inlet structure and the infiltration basin in order to remove most of the suspended solids.


       In their project they have concluded that “SHR basin was designed to reduce the flood and recharge the collected stormwater to the aquifer that serves Gaza city and contributes to its development which is an integrated process that requires awareness and effort from every individual within this society: engineers, workers, and residents”. Besides, they have suggested to drill wells around the basin to reduce the mounding and accelerating infiltration rate. Furthermore, they recommended that Solid waste and wastewater that reach the infiltration basin should be stopped before construction the infiltration basin with boreholes. As a result, we must increase the level of awareness of citizens to save the environment of solid waste.