8th International Engineering Conference for Renewable Energy and Sustainability 

8th International Engineering Conference for Renewable Energy and Sustainability 

ieCRES 2023 Call for Papers

8th International Engineering Conference for Renewable Energy and Sustainability 


May 8-9, 2023 ─ Gaza, Palestine

Driven by environmental concerns and stringent emissions regulation, most of countries are working on achieving ambitious 2030 carbon emissions reduction targets, which bring into line with achieving net zero by the middle of this century. The world is making progress toward a sustainable society and making energy more sustainable and widely available (i.e., SDG7).

The 8th Engineering Conference on Renewable Energy and Sustainability (CRES 2023), jointly organized by the Faculty of Engineering at the Islamic University of Gaza, and Abasan Municipality is scheduled on May 8-9, 2023 to be held on the ground of the Islamic University of Gaza, Gaza City (Palestine). CRES 2023 is aiming to bring researchers, students, and professionals in the area of renewable energy & sustainability from Palestine and around the world to share and disseminate their experiences and research results, to network and exchange ideas in order to strengthen existing partnerships and foster new collaborations.

The Conference is committed to increasing knowledge and awareness of the major issues concerning renewable energy, with a particular emphasis on sustainability. The Conference also strives to foster exchanges of information, promote free discussion on major current energy issues and facilitate meetings between world researchers to encourage international discourse by bringing together scientists, the private sector, international organizations, and civil society.

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit full papers for review. Only original papers that have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere will be considered.

Prospective authors are invited to submit full papers following the guideline posted on the conference website http://engconf.iugaza.edu.ps. Submitted papers will be peer-reviewed (check review process in the conference website), and prospective authors are expected to present their papers at the conference) for authors outside Gaza Strip and cannot travel to the strip, video conference presentations are accepted). The papers that are accepted and presented at the conference will appear in CD proceedings.

Researchers are encouraged to submit original research contributions in all major areas, which include, but not limited to:

Renewable Energy Technologies (e.g. Hydro, Solar, Wind, Offshore, Geo-Thermal, Bio, etc.)

· Environment-Friendly Energy Systems

· Energy Processes and Conversion Systems

· Electro-Mechanical Energy System

· Electro-Chemical Energy System

· Energy in Built Environment

· Sustainable Transport including Electric Vehicles

· Energy Storage

· Sustainable Electrical Energy Systems

· Smart Grid

· Intelligent Integration of Renewable Energy Technologies

· Life Cycle Analysis of Energy System

· Hydrogen Energy Technologies

· Environmental Engineering

· Carbon Capture, Storage, Utilizations

· Technologies on Emission Particulates

· Recycling Technologies for Energy and Materials Recovery

· Circular Economy

· Techno-Economics of Energy System

· Energy Policies and Economics

· Energy, Water and Climate

· Energy Storage

· Solar Power

· Wind Energy

· Electrochemical Energy Conversion Systems

· Biofuel and Alternative Fuel

· Distributed Energy Systems

Sustainable built Environment:

· Sustainable urban design

· Renewable energy in buildings and cities

· Energy efficient buildings

· Sustainable building materials

· Green building technologies

· Passive heating and cooling

· Daylighting systems

· Indoor environmental quality

· Innovation building design

· Biophilic design and architecture

· Green architecture

· Sustainable Buildings and Cities

· Sustainable Development

· Green Technology

· Sustainable urban planning

· Water and health

· Waste water treatment and reuse

· Recycling solid waste

· Energy saving building

· Green Concrete

· Recycled Materials

· Green Building

Sustainable management

· Sustainable Infrastructures

· Governance and policies

· Natural Resources management

· Sustainable mobility

· Waste management

· Climate change

· Safety aspects

· Water pollution

· Air contamination

· Noise pollution

· Sustainability Driven Innovation

· Technologies for Sustainability Systems

· Ethical Dimensions of Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems

· Sustainability, Society, and Education

· Green Ergonomics

· Ergonomics and sustainability in the design of everyday

Information systems (IS)

· Artificial intelligence for sustainable development

· Green data science / sustainability analytics

· IS to support smart infrastructure

· IS for a smart grid

· IS to support the electric vehicle transition

· Environmental Management Systems

· IS to support sustainable business processes

· IS for sustainable decision making

· IS for sustainable sensemaking

· Green IS adoption and diffusion

· Novel forms of organizing for environmental sustainability

· Green IS in developing countries

· Platform ecosystems and environmental sustainability

· Sustainable design in IS

Control and communication

· control systems and applications

· smart cities

· fiber communication

· technology and system aspects

· power electronics


Extended version of selected papers will be published in JERT Journal http://jert.iugaza.edu.ps

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline                          30 November 2022

Notification of Acceptance/Rejection                15 December 2022

Full Paper submission deadline                       15 January 2023

Notification of Acceptance/Rejection               27 February 2023

Final date of Registration                              20 March 2023

Conference Dates                                         8th -9th May 2023


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