Board Of Trustees Welcome

Board of Trustees Welcome 

  “In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful”

Welcome to Islamic University of Gaza, the University home of every Palestinian student and a leading institution in research and teaching. For more than 38 years, IUG has been home to talented students, scholars, writers and others who have been drawn from all over the world to teach, research and and study. We have achieved an international distinction in a wide range of areas –in sciences, education, health, law, medicine, business, the arts, communications and public service. As you look around IUG, you will see an astonishing array of programmes, with new international centers of study and research institutes supported by brand new facilities, including new classrooms, laboratories and computer centers. And we have expanded our focus on more scientific researches that can serve the Palestinian society and the international community. We hope that you will visit the University to see our success in building more campuses and establishing programmes and projects to help the local community and humanity at large.

Chairman of IUG Board of Trustees

Prof. Naser Ad-Deen Muzaini