About the Deanship

Community Service and Continuing Education Deanship was established in 1993 to address the Palestinian society. Through the appropriate use of financial and human resources, the deanship managed to provide our community with different services such as; training courses, information technology, administrative and technical consultations. In addition to that, it makes intensive efforts to develop the local community by using all advanced means of technology (Laboratories- Workshops ….etc.).

To achieve the aforementioned objectives, Community Service and Continuing Education Deanship has established many departments and centers to guarantee the continuity of the academic process. Among these centers and units, there are a specialized institutes service blind people, beside other centers to improve the abilities of graduates. There are also Community Development Institute and English Language Institute.

Based on a deep belief that man is the most valuable treasure in this country, we work hard to be the pioneer in the fields of continuing education, researches and academic consultations which will change and improve the community to the better.

We aspire to build a strong partnership with the concerned parties to develop the Palestinian human abilities by following a pure academic and professional methods and strategies in training.

· Improve the administrative and technical skills of the personnel of governmental, non-governmental and private sector.
· Develop the abilities of university students and alumni.
· Improve the performance of Islamic University personnel ( Academics – Technicians – Administrators).
· Develop the abilities of blinds and Visual impaired people through the provided helping devices.
· Provide the university graduates with work opportunities through strengthening the process of networking and outreach.

For further information:

· Community Service and Continuing Education Deanship
· Tel: 2830700
· Males (Ext) 1180 – 1185
· Females (Ext) 1192
· Southern branch 2066420
· E-mail: csced@mail.iugaza.edu
· Website: www.iugaza.edu.ps