Assistive Technology Centre

ATC  was established in  2002 to make use of technology to enable visually disabled people to get their right of University education, integrate them with their societies and help in societal development.

The center currently seeks to serve the largest group of disabled people especially  deaf students, hoping to help them in their University study in the coming academic year.

Programs and services 

-           Training and enabling  deaf students to master the use of assistive technology (the use of computers and programs for deaf people, voicemail, etc ...)

-           Training and enable students with visual disabilities to use Braille reading and writing, loco motor Guidance.

-          Providing curriculum and educational materials (deaf people biographies, English phonetics, prominent movement Maps).

-          Providing sound educational materials through the speaking computer programs, where the book is converted from an electronic copy on your computer into a speaking copy.

-          Organizing special committees for deaf students, and providing each student with a book.

-          Translating books, newspapers, reports and advertisements such as, (Palestine newspaper, the voice of the university and others ...)  for institutions serving deaf people.


-          Providing all deaf students of the University with a computer.

-          The number of students benefiting from center services in the year (2013-2014) is 63 students.

-          The number of the center's graduates is 120.

-          Holding more than 112 training courses targeting more than 560 participants from all the Palestinian society categories.

-          Providing modern assistive techniques helping deaf students in their study.

-          Employing the center's graduates in the center with different types of work contracts since we believe that they have high abilities.

-          Opening  sources unit based on the principle of comprehensive integration for disabled people to ensure providing all disables people needs.

-          Delivering lectures for community institutions to introduce the principle of Accessibility.

-           Participating in all disabled people activities in the Paralympics committee such as, (goalball, athletics and swimming).

-          Establishing  the university sports club, which includes all sports activities for students.

-          Open a football school for juniors to teach players the necessary skills for this sport.