Welcome from the President

It is my honor and pleasure to express my heartfelt thanks to the Board of Trustees of The Islamic University of Gaza, presented by President, Dr. Nasr al-Din Sadiq Al-Muzaini, for their trust in my mandate as head of the IUG, Which is entering its 40th year since its establishment in 1978.

I take this opportunity to express my great appreciation to the Islamic university along with its faculty members, administrators and various services that are being provided to preserve the university’s progress. With their help, IUG has reached high levels of prestige among Arab and international universities. I am proud of the students of the IUG, the backbone of this academic institution, who have shown and proved from time to time their competence and distinction among a long list of other academic competitors.

The university provides an array of various activities that greatly benefit the Palestinian people and their country. The most important aspects of these activities include academic, scientific research and community services aspects. On the academic side, the university is proud to offer about one hundred and twenty Bachelor degree programs, forty-eight Master’s degree programs and four PHD programs.

These programs are distributed among the different departments and faculties of the university. In addition, the departments include a group of distinguished academicians who hold high academic degrees from several countries which have enhanced and developed their academic experience. They also include the latest scientific laboratories that serve the academic process. The university, through direct support for scientific research project, provides motivation ad funding for students’ research project through European and Arab Partnership programs.

In the service of the community, the Islamic University, through the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education, offers professional diploma programs for many different disciplines, as well as offering educational and training programs for people with special needs. The University’s great success would not have been possible without the sincere efforts of former University President, former university council members, Chairman of the board of trustees and its members and the tremendous support of concerned institutions supporting the higher education.

The Islamic University, with its creative capabilities, will spare no effort in its continuous support and adaption of all innovative ideas and visions that align with the University’s academic mission. All employees of IUG are required to make sincere effort to maintain the distinctive status of the University in order to continue providing much needed services to the future generations of our people.

Prof. Dr. Nasser Ismail Farahat

President of the Islamic University- Gaza