Lost My Sight but Not My Insight

Mohannad's Secret for Success

17 - Jul - 2021

Determination and ambition are the secrets of Mohannad's success. He has never lost hope in himself, but instead he was a good believer who has faith in God and kept searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. "My parents were my first supporters" he said. Mohannad succeeded in his life due to his parents' prayers and because of their unstoppable and unconditional support. They have paid a steep price that made Mohannad the person he is today. In an interview with his parents, his father got emotional and said" this is our duty to you, regardless of your disability, we as parents are responsible for encouraging our son to be the best version of himself" kisses him on his forehead and says" this is the kiss of your success and graduation, we are so proud of you".

They say that “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.”. Mohannad has a strong will and determination that was running in his blood since he has lost his sight due to an eye infection. His disability was the motive of his success, he says" disability is not in the body but is in the mind and mortality". Regardless of his disability, he has ranked the first on his province in high school and the third on Gaza strip. Later on, he has earned his Bachelor degree of arts and his diploma of education within 4 years with an A+.
23 years of perseverance and persistence, and the word "impossible" don’t exist in Mohannad's dictionary.

 However, everything is possible unless you believe, and you work hard. Success is a meal that worth waiting for and Mohannad waited 23 years in order to his dream come true, he has graduated willing to complete his higher education hoping to compete the finest Arabic doctors. Mohannad should be a role model to follow. His patience and resistance should be taken in consideration.
" Because of my parents' support and help, I become more confident, and I have strengthened my faith in my abilities. This is my success story. I have lost my sight but not my insight" says Mohannad in his graduation speech.