IUG Staff Participates in “Water and AMR in an Ecology of War”

28 - Apr - 2021

As part of the collaborative project between the University of East Anglia- Water Security Research Centre (UEA) and the American University of Beirut-Global Health Institute (AUB-GHI), an online workshop on “Water and AMR in an Ecology of War” was conducted for three days (21-23 April 2021) and attended by international experts. 

Professor Abdelraouf Elmanama presented a quick review of the published studies on AMR prevalence in the Gaza Strip for both clinical and environmental samples including seawater.  Reem Abu Shomar, a PhD candidate in the Water Technology PhD joint program, presented the findings of a pilot study “Water and AMR in healthcare facilities in Gaza”.  The results highlighted varied levels of bacterial contamination with alerting antibiotic resistance profiles demonstrated by bacterial isolates.  The study recommended to consider the safety of WASH service provided at HCFs as an immediate concern that need to be incorporated in the national AMR polices and plans.


The workshop included many discussions about what was presented and how to contribute to improving water quality, sanitation and hygiene, or what is known as "WASH", through networking and finding funding sources for projects that serve this vital and sensitive sector to reduce infection with antibiotic-resistant bacteria.