Graduate of the School of Engineering Wins the President's Award for Achievement and Excellence in its fourth course, "Creativity in Corona Time"

14 - Apr - 2021

Jasmine Hussein Al-Tarshawi, a computer engineering graduate from the faculty of Engineering of the Islamic University of Gaza, won the President's Award for National Achievement and Excellence in the first level. Launched by the Ministry of Education to support education in the Western Bank and Gaza strip at its fourth session in 2020 , under the slogan: "Creativity in the Time of the Corona."

The engineer Al-Tarshawi, who is currently the principal of the Fahmi Al-Jarjawi Basic School in the east of Gaza, received the first category award with her school team for an initiative in technology and e-education.

The Ministry had devoted the fourth course to innovation in corona time;  To document, honour, publicize and disseminate outstanding leadership initiatives by teams of school families nationwide, including state and private schools and the Relief Agency.

The fourth session of the Award covered several areas: Distance education in all its contents, forms and means, motivating and accompanying students in the fields of reading, writing and creative and artistic expression in all its forms, effective and efficient educational communication with students' parents,   awareness-raising and health and nutrition education; Strengthening the psychological and social health of students, Impulse students to devise technical applications and industrial models that emulate society's needs. In addition to promoting active participation in the national effort to strengthen the resilience of society in the coronial landscape, building partnerships with the local community and maintaining the cohesion of the institution in social divergence, and research, studies or qualitative articles on corona  virus.

It should be noted that Al-Tarshawi  has made many achievements during her tenure in fields of training and implementation of workshops and specific educational initiatives. She has received numerous awards, including: Winning first place in the Ministry-wide robot-tracker competition, Smart Basket wins first place in the Science Innovation Competition, winning Category I Health Initiative in the Revival of My way. In addition to winning first place in the Department's Outstanding Laboratory, and the agricultural greenhouse qualified to represent the Gaza Strip at the Central Technology Fair in the Western Bank.