Engineering Faculty Hosts A Group of Experts from Schneider Electric in France

14 - Apr - 2021

    Electrical and Intelligent Systems Engineering and Computer Engineering Departments in collaboration with IEEE Student Branch at the Faculty of Engineering of the Islamic University hosted a scientific lecture series submitted by engineers and scientists from Schneider Electric in France during the current quarter, 2020/2021 via online communication technology using Google Meet App.

    This series of lectures is designed to enhance communication between the university and industrial Strip to support the knowledge and scientific research aspects of college students.  And help students learn about the practical dimension of global industry automation trends, Communications, programming, as well as introducing students to Schneider's business areas.

    Three out of six meetings were held with Dr. Ahmed Abu Daboussa of Schneider Electric, Graduate of the Faculty of Engineering, member of the University Research and Enterprise Laboratory, in a meeting on the fundamentals of systems security, the engineer reviewed a set of tools they used in the company such as: Nmap, OpenVAS ،Burp Suite Pro: Automated Scanning، Protocol Fuzzing with Defensics.

Google Meet link

 The second meeting was with Dr. Kamal Al-Gabraway, who works in the field of applied control engineering of the company in France, at a lecture titled "Speed variation in the service of application." Dr. Algebraway talked about how to use the variable speed drive in control the applications containing centrifugal pumps include the following topics:  application control is integrated into the control chain of a kinematic system، Present a use case. 

Google Meet link

    In connection with the third meeting, wich was presented by engineer Rakesh Suresh - of Schneider Electric. During the lecture, engineer Suresh addressed Schneider's business environment, which is a set of digital services to create smart workplaces that supports the Internet of things whether in homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure, or industry.

The link of the recorded meeting

    The meeting was organized by Dr. Hatem Al-Aidi, Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Intelligent Systems with company with Dr. Ayman Abu Samra - Head of Computer Engineering.

Several students and teachers of the Faculty of Engineering of the Islamic University participated in the meeting  and a number of college graduates from within the country and in the diaspora.

     It should be noted that Dr. Ahmed Abu Daboussa is a graduate of Bachelor of Computer Engineering, and master of Electrical Engineering, Islamic University, and Doctor of Sorbonne University, France.

Regarding the fourth meeting, presented by engineer Rakesh Suresh, the present was entitled: " Industrial Automation Framework for Industry." Google Meet link:

   The fifth meeting was presented by Dr. Mohammad Hajju of Schneider Electric: " Seminar discussion on solar energy system". Google  Meet link: