BTI to Launch 2nd Phase of Login Probject

31 - Jan - 2021
As unemployment rates in the Gaza Strip rise and intensify in recent years, in addition to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, and within these realistic data, solutions that stand in front of these continuous challenges have not been lacking. As a trend has emerged seeking to impose alternatives, chief among them was enrollment in self-employment programs and establishing projects of individuals that guarantee to obtain jobs through which they can earn an appropriate income.
In this regard, Palestinian business incubators, including the Business and Technology Incubator (BTI) at the Islamic University, has had the most important role in enhancing online self-employment opportunities for graduates in the Gaza Strip through its projects launched in recent years. One of these projects is the Login project that the incubator is currently implementing in the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education at the Islamic University, funded by the World Bank, and administered by the ND.
This project was launched at the beginning of the year 2020 to develop the skills of graduates in three aspects, namely: self-employment, specialized technical skills and English language skills. That was achieved in two phases. The first phase has achieved great success, with the revenue value of this project reaching more than $ 100,000. As for the second phase, which was recently announced to select new trainees for this project, the surprise was that the number of applicants for  Login project reached nearly 20,000 graduates, out of 28,000 of the total people who apply to the three institutions implementing the same project (including the BTI incubator).
This response has not been observed before, especially this huge number, and this reflects the graduates' desire to search for trends and ideas other than those that were imposed on them realistically and socially. This is what also the Business and Technology Incubator (BTI) encouraged by providing a safe investment environment, in addition to providing financing that is suitable for young people, also, to pay them a chance to form their income-generating projects.
The most important part to note is that Business and Technology Incubator is a pioneer in the field of incubating entrepreneurial ideas and accelerating start-ups as well as the field of self-employment, and through these aspects, it provides a series of diverse services, which has had a role in helping hundreds of graduates to expand their companies and emerging entrepreneurial projects. Therefore, the main goal from all of this is access to sustainable economic development by providing job opportunities for Palestinian youth.