Graduation in the Time of COROAVIRUS

This TebFact Is A Dream of IUG Graduate

31 - Oct - 2020


A Company that stands for providing health care services and is developed on the hands of well-versed doctors in diverse medical fields was an inspirational idea fired from the smart brain of an IUG medical student two years ago. Mohammed Ghunaim, who became a graduate now from the IUG Medical School, is the director of the TebFact Company and website that delves into the pains of people, alleviates them, and gives consultation especially during this time of COVID19.

"My turning point in my life was “TebFact” which is a special project I thought about and dedicated time for with my friend Abdul Rahman Ahmed. You may ask about the starting point, right? I will tell you that during the last year of our training at hospitals, we put our hands on two troubles. First was that some patients live in far-off places, so they needed a longer time to visit the doctors due to some financial hardship. The second was that the information about popular medicine was misused. We sensed alarmingly the need for reforming the two troubles, more precisely, after we met a woman who came to the hospital with signs of facial burns and severe complications, which were later found to be due to the wrong use of some medicinal herbs.


Reforming the troubles took a while to decide what is the key and procedures to survive people's health from not getting worse; and how to inject the medical field with trustworthy reliable medical information. We by the help of volunteers started to collect some medical facts and spread them around. Now, the “medical facts” turns into an evidence-based website that is visited by more than 400,000 Arabs monthly. Because of it, they gain ready, reliable and free medical information written in 1200 articles by 150 editors from the Arab World. This is an amazing thing to do, right!

Then a free application to shorten the distance between patients and doctors took place. The consultations and remedies can be prescribed online by the launch of the application. This is what helped dozens of patient surpassing the COVID19 curfew. The best solution thereby is to book a meeting with your doctor without even worry about the place, time, or costs.

The patients have been answered for consultations by doctors and specialists from 25 medical Specialty and from multiple countries: Jordan, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and the Gaza strip.  

By the first quarantine took place in March 2020 in the Gaza Strip, we, in cooperation with UCAS incubator and the Palestinian Medical Syndicate, have offered the medical services 100% free for people particularly in the Gaza Strip. In this time, the team received more than 6000 consultations and 9000 download for the application in both Gaza and West Bank. 20-30% were from the West Bank and the bulk was in favour of the Gaza Strip.

The work of TebFact during COVID19 has not bounded to make only consultations available, but awareness campaigns were in the heart of the entire work. Offering the consultations are afforded by doctors and specialists, and social media team leads the awareness campaigns that successfully grabbed more than six thousands likes in a very-short term".

Paving Road for TebFact

 Mohammed's journey started since he decided to not just graduate as a Doctor after 6 years. He was aware enough “time flies, so he had to make something!” At first, he was the Head of the Medical Club. He helped freshman early in their educational process. He started up some projects and allocated its profits to orphans and people with Down syndrome. Then, he have the whole honor to be the Head of the Medical Forum. Thankfully, he supervised the training of at least 5,000 people in the Gaza Strip on the principles of first aid in schools, mosques, public squares, border areas, and the Great Return Marches.

Mobility Shaped the Perception

Mohammed was one of those lucky of having mobility opportunities. The IUG School of Medicine provided him with three opportunities to travel within one year, between a camp for medical students in the countries of the Islamic world, then represented by the Hult Prize Award, after that with students' exchange with Istanbul University. "International mobility project was a milestone for me," he proudly said.


It is usual in the "unusual Gaza" to start your first steps of university life while the war is going on. But it is unusual to end it with Coronavirus pandemic! This is Mohamed Ashraf Ghoneim, who is not much different from his peers preceded or followed him. In this summer 2020, he officially graduated from the Islamic University and as a doctor with distinction at Al-Shifa Hospital. With all his faith, he profoundly grateful to -the main supporter- his school, the Islamic University, and the faculty members in particular Dr. Fadil Naim.

"I believe every doctor graduated from this college is a success story in itself. I can almost sure, where creativity is here, doctors are behind the scenes," he concluded.