Funded by APPEAR programme

IUG Opens Women's Studies Center

02 - Apr - 2018

Within the framework of the project "Strengthening Higher Education Capacities in Palestine for Gender Equality" SHE_GE, IUG has recently opened the Women's Studies Center under the patronage of the Minister of Woman Affairs Dr. Haifaa AL Agha. 

The opening ceremony has been attended by the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Salem Helis, the Dean of the faculty of Education Prof. Mohammed AbuShgair, the manager of SHE-GE project Prof. Sanaa Aboudagga, and the Assistant Deputy Minister Mrs. Amira Haron on behalf of the Ministry of Women Affairs.  In addition to a bunch of representatives from the Palestinian community including the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of  Higher Education, the Ministry of Women Affairs, the Palestinian Higher Education Institutions in Gaza, and the International organizations.

In his word, Prof. Salem Hilles pointed out that the center will be equipped with required resources and qualified staff able to launch a multidisciplinary- master programme in Women Studies field, emphasizing that the partnership established with the University of Graz aims chiefly at strengthening Women's equalities and justice in Palestine.

"The center will be managed by the Faculty of Education as one of its 5 centers that provide the community with specialized services", as Prof. Mohammed AbuShagir added.  

Prof. Abu Dagga indicated that " The center was established, depending on IUG strategic policies, to be the first of its kind in Gaza that aims at providing the community with specialized and unique services for women", highlighting the challenges the Palestinian women have been facing.  

Mrs. Amira Harron displayed a range of strategies and policies undertaken by the Ministry of Woman Affairs to support Palestinian woman rights and her engagement in the community.

The IUG teamwork of SHE-GE project met a great appreciation from Graz University, including namely Prof. Libora, Dr. Brigitte, Ms. Jana and Mrs. Edith Lanser. Graz teamwork was very proud of being IUG-partner in the project which was selected among (40) projects of APPEAR programme.


On the sidelines of the opening, the center launched a workshop to develop the strategic plan of the center. The workshop targets the local community to be engaged in the activities will be held by the center in the field of women, education, and research, as the Director of the center Dr. Khitam AL Sahar pointed.

The head of international Relations Mrs. Amani Al Mqadma uncovered the reasons beyond establishing the center. There is a critical need to study Palestinian women issues especially in the current situation, so the center will be a database for decision makers who are working to find solutions. Moreover, the center will bridge the gap and cover the needs of the community; following the steps of the higher education institutions in empowering women. 

The agenda of workshop took into consideration several areas that need to be covered in its activities plan including: raising awareness among youth about women rights, providing the community with specialists in the field of gender and women studies, and developing a roadmap for research which can be a national repositories in the field of women studies.