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BTI to Launch 2nd Phase of Login Probject
Two IUG Researchers Getting Their PhD Theses Published in Scopus Database
At IUG 2020: Best of the Year
Prof. Mona Baker Talks to IUG MA Students about Translation in Times of Crisis
Closing Ceremony Of " Influencer Leaders" With BevoL Platform
Extension of Smithsonian Museum Is Now At IUG
IUG Participates In Information Workshop of Erasmus+ Program
Asmaa Mustafa Wins AKS "Global Teacher" Award
Prof. ElManama Participates in International Conferences
Inauguration of Computer Lab At IUG Disability Services Center
Antibiotic Awareness Campaign At IUG
Three Graduates Win First Positions In ICRC Award
UKRI Announces International Development Research Programme Awards
Prof. Al-Hindi Participates In USA International Conference
Celebrating Academics' Wining of "University Excellence in Scientific Research" Award
Inauguration of Diploma on Maternity and Reproductive Health
ASM Symposium On Antibiotic Awareness
Three Academics Win 2020 University Excellence in Scientific Research Award
Graduate Wins Annual Award For Media Freedom
Introductory Session On MSc Scholarship in Norway
Resumption of Partial Face-Oriented Education at IUG
Participation In The World Bank Virtual Mission
Researchers Urged To Adopt Postgraduate Programs On Women's Studies and Laws
WSC First International Conference "Women And Higher Education"
Two Academics Participate In The International Digital Conference
Prof. ALJeesh Examines Thesis Defense For Mid Sweden University
IUG Wins SEVEN Erasmus+ Mobility Projects In 2020
Academic Publishes A Chapter About Parasitic Diseases In SPRINGER
Your Path For Postgraduate Scholarships
IUG-USN Meeting to Discuss Proposal Submission For MA Program
Training Meetings To Follow Up E-Courses Through Moodle
Thesis Defense On "The Effectiveness of a Proposed Training Program Based on NGSS"
Turkey and Gaza's Experience with COVID19
New Online Academic Semester 2020/2021
Minister of Health Praises IUG During A Tour of Inspection
Examination of The 1st Ph.D. Thesis Via Zoom Program
Three Students Win PSL Award for Architectural Competition
IUG Signs Memorandum of Understanding with IUM
IUG Launches Its 39th Graduation Ceremonies: "Al-Irada Regiment"
New Book On Multilingual Online Academic Collaborations Gets Published
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