About IUG


Introducing IUG
The Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) is an independent academic institution supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education. It is a member of four associations: Association of Arab Universities, Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World , Community of Mediterranean Universities, and International Association of Universities. In addition, IUG works closely with numerous universities around the world.

IUG provides for its students an academic environment that adheres to Islamic principles as well as Palestinian traditions and customs. It also provides all available resources, including the most up-to-date technology in service of the education process.

Boards and Organizing Bodies:
The university has a number of boards that support, organize and direct its academic mission. The most important are:

The Board of Trustees
The University Council

University Vision:
“A beacon of knowledge, culture and human services that seeks to create a comprehensive social revival. “

University Mission:
IUG is an academic institution that strives to raise the educational, cultural and civilization levels in the Palestinian society, to keep up with current trends in higher education and technology advancements, to encourage scientific research, and to contribute in building future generations and developing the society in a framework of Islamic values.”

University Goals:
To raise the levels of educational programs based on quality standards
To develop, support and invest in scientific research tin order to achieve continual development
To strengthen the university’s role in serving and developing the society.
To regulate and raise the efficiency of technical and administrative institutional performance.
To improve the university environment and the level of services presented to students and staff.
To reinforce partnership and cooperative relationships with local, regional and international organizations.

Academic Programs and Curricula:
IUG keeps up with the global civilization, humanistic contribution and scientific and technological achievements; therefore, it constantly strives to modernize its curriculums to ensure that they are up-to-date with the scientific advancements in all fields of knowledge. IUG adopts a culture that calls for creativity, innovation and development.

Language of Learning:
The main language of learning is Modern Standard Arabic, with the use of English in teaching some specializations.

Academic Exchange:
The university is interested in cooperation and exchange of experiences and specialized professors with Palestinian, Arabic, Islamic and worldwide universities in all fields of sciences. The university also has strong relationships with numerous universities which are governed by cooperation and twinning agreements.

Academic System:
Studying at IUG is based on credit hours. The academic year is divided into two semesters, each lasting 16 weeks. The university also offers a summer semester. Each student may register for a maximum of 20 credit hours and a minimum of 12 credits hours per semester.
Courses include university core courses, faculty core course, and department core courses.
A student may graduate from the university after successfully completing all required courses in his/her study plan, which is approximately 140 credit hours for a BA in all faculties, except for Engineering which is 175 credit hours, and Medicine which is 260 credit hours.

Academic Programs and Degrees offered by the University:
Bachelors of Arts
Faculty of Osoul Addine:
Osoul Aldeen (General)

Faculty of Sharia & Law:
Sharia & Law
Islamic Sharia

Faculty of Arts:
Arabic Language
Major Arabic Language Minor Journalism
English Language- Social Service
Major Geography Minor Geographic Information System
Journalism & Media
History & Archeology

Faculty of Education: 

Psychological Counseling & Educational Guidance
Elementary Education
Education, Teaching Islamic Education
Education, Teaching Social Studies
Education, Teaching Sciences
Education, Teaching Mathematics
Education, Teaching Arabic Language
Education, Teaching English Language
Education, Teaching Sciences & Technology
Education, Arabic Language & its Teaching Methods
Education, English Language & its Teaching Methods
Education, Physics & its Teaching Methods
Education, Chemistry & its Teaching Methods
Education, Biology & its Teaching Methods
Education, Mathematics & its Teaching Methods
Education, Computer & its Teaching Methods
Education, History & its Teaching Methods
Education, Geography & its Teaching Methods

Faculty of Commerce:
Economics & Political Science
Major Economics Minor Applied Statistics
Business Administration
Financial & Banking Sciences
Political Science & Media 

Faculty of Nursing:

Faculty of Information Technology:
Information Technology
Software Development
Computer Science
Multimedia Technology & Web Development

Faculty of Sciences: 

Mathematics, Statistics Emphasis
Major Mathematics Minor Computer
Applied Statistics- Chemistry
Major Chemistry Minor Biochemistry
Biological Sciences, Medical Laboratory Sciences
Biological Sciences, Biology
Biological Sciences, Biotechnology
Physics- Geology
Earth & Environmental Sciences
Plant Production
Faculty of Engineering:
Environmental Engineering
Computer Engineering
Civil Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Medicine: Medicine

College of Health Sciences:
Medical Laboratory Sciences

Graduate Programs

Faculty of Engineering:
Electrical Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering.

Faculty of Information Technology: Information Technology

Faculty of Sciences:
Biological Sciences
Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Commerce:
Accounting & Finance
Development Economics
Business Administration
Faculty of Education:
Community Mental Health
Curricula & Teaching Methods
Foundations of Education

Faculty of Arts:
Arabic Language

Faculty of Osoul Addine:
Tafseer & Quranic Sciences
Hadith Sciences
Islamic Aqidah
Ph.D Hadith Sciences

Faculty of Sharia & Law:
Comparative Fiqih
Public Law
Faculty of Nursing: Community Mental Health Nursing

General and higher diploma:

The university offers diploma in the following:
Psychological & Educational Counseling
Community Mental Health
Educational Administration
Diploma in Education/General
Islamic Studies.

Professional Diplomas:
Department of Continuing Education:
English Language
Management of Civil Society Institutions
Foreign Trade & International Business Management
Child Health & Nutrition for Physicians
Financial & Banking Sciences
Tourism & Travel
Psychological Support & Counseling
Anesthesia & Resuscitating for Physicians
Leadership & Business Applications
Hebrew language
creative technology

The university has a large number of science laboratories equipped with the best equipment necessary for learning and conducting research, and makes sure to constantly update its laboratories and to use the latest technology tools in education, especially expanding the use of computers. IUG also provides a large number of computer laboratories to serve the needs of the education process and scientific research. The university also provided internet service to its students to enable them to connect with libraries and research centers to obtain information from various resources. The university library also provides a large number of various scientific resources to students and researchers.

IUG Main Centers & Units Serving Local Community:
Community Service & Continuing Education Deanery
Technical Assistance Center for Visually-impaired students
Center For Architecture Heritage
Oral History Center
Quran and Islamic Studies Center
Environmental and Rural Research Unit
Projects and Research Center
Materials and Soil Lab
Business Research & Development Unit
Information & Communication Technology Incubator