Call for consultant Management consultant

The Islamic University of Gaza received a grant from Quality Improvement Fund – Ministry of Education and Higher Education (funded by the WB) for Operation and Development for Islamic University IT Incubator project. Accordingly, IUG intends to apply part of this grant for the employment of highly qualified Management Consultant.
Assignment Objective:
Islamic University of Gaza is considering the selection of highly qualified Management Consultant to be part of the small core staff responsible for the implementation and development of the project.
Main Tasks and Responsibilities:
The management consultant will support the project implementation and development through two main phases as follows:

Phase I: supporting and developing IT incubator management practice.
This phase will be dedicated for improving and supporting the incubator management practice in dealing with submitted proposals and re-evaluate the incubator strategy and guidelines policy for internal performance development.
Main task and responsibilities:
1. Develop the admission methodology for incubation process to be more reliable and more effective.
2. Support the development of the incubator general guidelines policy.
3. Improve incubator strategy & work plan to add more values to incubator output performance.
4. Prepare (material), conduct and evaluate awareness seminars targeting project beneficiaries in the field of incubator admission methodology.
Deliverables for phase I:
1. Detailed admission procedure and guidelines.
2. General guidelines policy for IT incubator.
3. Developed strategy and improved working plan to IT incubator. .
4. Seminar material and evaluation report for conducted seminar (1 seminar).
Time frame for phase I:
Three weeks after signing the contract.

Phase II: support incubator tenants to start managing their projects.
This phase will be dedicated for supporting tenants with their accepted projects.
1. Review the business plan for each accepted project (5 projects) and to put developing recommendations.
2. Give all support for incubator incubated project (for the 5 projects) to design management and financial guidelines for their business.
3. Evaluate work progress for incubator projects after two months from business start.
Deliverables for phase II:
Step 1: (for the first accepted two projects)
1. Recommendation report for accepted business plans.
2. Management guidelines report,
3. Evaluation report for work progress (for each project-2projects)
Step 2: (for the first accepted three projects)
4. Recommendation report for accepted business plans.
5. Management guidelines report,
6. Evaluation report for work progress (for each project-3 projects)
Time frame for phase II:
Three month after completing phase I.
Place of work: Islamic university of Gaza
Essential Required Qualifications, Skills and knowledge:
• At least Master degree in Management, Business administration or any other related field.
• Extensive knowledge of business project evaluation and development.
• At least two years of professional experience in business development issues
• Excellent reporting and formal writing skills in both English and Arabic.
• Excellent technical and interpersonal skills,
• Excellent Command of English Language.

Interested consultants are invited to submit their CVs by e-mail:
By 10th of April, 2008 before 3.00 PM.