Apply for admission of Higher Diploma in “Islamic Studies” in English

The Community Development Institute announce for start of submitting applications for the Higher Diploma in “Islamic Studies” in English language, for the second semester of academic year 2010-2011.

Program Features:

· The program contributes to preparing and rehabilating generations aware of the contemporary role of Islam, which combines respect and social responsibility in accordance with the Islamic principles, teachings of Islam, and the tolerance of the Islamic Jurisprudence and the authenticity of Islam. This is achieved through the teaching curriculum which is adapted to the changing, modern world, and it shows the richness of Islamic heritage and its diversity. It also emphasizes the spaciousness of Islamic thought and its ability to serve all mankind.

· The program consists of four semesters over one year and a half. It includes a range of specialized courses with total of 53 academic credited hours.

· The higher Diploma in “Islamic Studies” is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education .

Enrolment Enquiries

· A candidate shall have a bachelor’s degree (minimum).

· A participant should commit him/herself to attend the evening sessions – three days a week.

· Submission of applications starts from Saturday, 15.01.2011. to 26/1/2011, accompanied with payment 20 JD as application fees at the Community Development Institute .

Required documents :(certified copies of qualifications – a colored photo – ID photo)


Inquiries / Community Development Institute – Community Service and Continuing Education Deanship – Islamic University – Gaza – Continuing Education Building / North Gate

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