Technical Writer – Vacancy Announcement


Islamic University of Gaza has received a grant from the Quality Improvement Fund (QIF)-Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Funded by the World Bank and EC, to implement the project of Improving Institution Management – Automating Administrative Procedure and intends to apply part of this grant for selection and employment of highly qualified Technical Writer.

Assignment Objective

Islamic University of Gaza is considering the selection of highly qualified Technical Writer to be part of the small core staff responsible for the implementation of the project.

Duties and Responsibilities

1 – Verify the system USE Cases

2 – Verify UML class diagrams, sequence diagrams

3 – Develop System manuals:

a. Manual of coding and documentation standards

b. User’s manual

c. Installation manual

4 – Develop a test plan including test cases:

a. Module testing

b. Integration testing

c. System testing

d. Acceptance

Essential Required Qualifications, Skills, knowledge and Competencies

1. Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or any other related field.

2. Excellent reporting and formal writing skills in both English and Arabic.

3. Excellent technical, interpersonal and administrative skills.

4. Excellent Command of English Language.

5. Good Java knowledge, practice, and experience

6. Strong knowledge in Object-Oriented programming, Inheritance and polymorphism

7. Writing Java classes as well as using Java interfaces and abstract classes

8. Strong knowledge in UML.

9. Strong knowledge in documentation writing, manuals writing, and editing.

10. Strong knowledge in technical writing, code standard writing, and documentation

11. Ability to work in a team.

12. One year of professional experience in similar projects.

Place of Work

Islamic University of Gaza

Time Frame

4.5 Months, through the middle of August, 2009 till the end of December, 2009.

Contract Type: Time Based

Application Deadline: Interested Applicants are invited to send their CVs (Curriculum Vitae) to by Monday, 10 August 2009, before 3.00 PM.

Note: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.