Quality control consultant

Terms of Reference
Quality control consultant

The Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) has received a grant from the Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) – Ministry of Education and Higher Education and funded by the World Bank and the EC to implement the project entitled: “Quality Improvement of Undergraduate Biotechnology Program project” and intends to apply part of this grant for selection and employment of highly qualified Quality control consultant

Assignment Objective
IUG is intend to assure quality of the different activities which will be carried out within “Quality Improvement of Undergraduate Biotechnology Program t” project, as it is a good method to communicate and activate the relationship with the project beneficiaries, so IUG is considering the selection of a highly qualified Quality control consultant. The Quality control consultant should manage to work with the project team members to evaluate the quality of project outcomes
Under the general direction of the project manager, Quality control Consultant will be responsible for:

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:
” Collect and analyze all documents for quality assurance
” Follow up the activities of the project
” Gives the manager feedback about the processing of the project
” Advise for better ways of control
” Prepare documents for quality measurements
” Prepare, distribute and analyze all quality monitoring processes stated in the project which include the following load.
1. 2 students training sessions
2. 2 staff training sessions
3. 4 different labs evaluation formats
4. academic plan evaluation format 6 teachers and 20 students
5. Program administration monitoring format (all staff)

Minimum Requirements:
” Minimum of a Bachelor degree in biological science degree
” Minimum tow years of experience in Quality assurance
” Had training course in Quality assurance course
” Has a good creative mind, High grasping power, Adaptability to changes.
” Bilingual language (Arabic + English).
” Ability to work in a team
” Ability to work under pressure

Each candidate should submit a number of formats as a Soft copy
1. Format to follow up the improvement of academic plan of the program
2. Format to follow up the improvement of the quality of the biotechnology labs
3. Format to follow up the programs administration ability
4. Format to follow up training of students and staff.
5. Final analyses of collected formats.

Place of work:
Housed within IUG and will be supervised by the Project Manager.

Time Frame:
The duration of the assignment is 6 months

Contract Type: Lump Sum

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