Call for IT Business Consultant



The Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) has received a grant from the Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) – Ministry of Education and Higher Education and funded by the World Bank and the EC for the project entitled: ‘Operation and Development for Islamic University IT Incubator’. Accordingly, IUG intends to apply part of this grant for the selection and employment of highly qualified IT business consultant.

Assignment Objective:

Islamic University of Gaza is considering the selection of highly qualified IT business consultant to be part of the small core staff responsible for the implementation and development of the project.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Collect and analyze information about the local ICT market and industry.

2. Study local ICT market trends and business opportunities.

3. Compile a list of success stories, life-learned lessons as told by successful local innovators and entrepreneurs.

4. Design, distribute and collect a questionnaire to help identify the most suitable ICT themes for ICT business incubation.

5. Generate a final report that will identify suitable fields and topics for business startups along with appropriate feasibility studies.


1. A Questionnaire that helps in

– Generating information about local and regional successful ICT businesses.

– Identifying the appropriate ICT ideas for incubation.

– Designing appropriate and pertinent evaluation and selection criteria for the submitted ideas to IUG IT incubator

– Creating stronger links between the incubator and private sector

2. A final report within 3 months from signing the contract, which should include the followings:

– Identify suitable fields and topics for business startups with their identifying feasibility studies

– Factors that helped successful innovators achieve their goals

– Highlight ways to recruit people with innovative ideas and entrepreneurship spirit

– Perception of the incubation idea by the local community and the concerns regarding business incubation and IUG IT Incubator in particular

Essential Required Qualifications, knowledge and Competencies:

1. At least Bachelor degree in Computer/Electrical Engineering, Business Administration or any other related field.

2. At least 5 years experience in ICT related fields.

3. Previous experience in business incubation and encouragement is preferred.

4. Extensive knowledge of local IT private sector companies

5. Ability to work in a team

6. Excellent English language capabilities.

7. Excellent computer skills

Time Frame:

The duration of the assignment is 3 months.

Contract Type: Lump Sum Contract.


Interested Applicants are invited to fill the online application

, the Islamic University of Gaza by Saturday, 28th of March 2009, before 2.00 PM