Announcement Translation Unit Opening

The Islamic University of Gaza is pleased to announce the opening of a Translation Unit which offers quality translation and interpreting services from and into English and Arabic. Here are some of the services in various fields:

  1. Translating articles, books, researches, reports, abstracts, proposals, etc.
  2. Translating M.A dissertations and PhD theses.
  3. Translating contracts and other legal documents.
  4. Translating administrative and financial systems for companies and foundations.
  5. Translating works of Palestinian and Arab authors and publishers.
  6. Translating movies, T.V and radio programs.
  7. Translating Internet websites.
  8. Translating media and press material.
  9. Offering interpretation services for conferences, symposium and workshops.
  10. Editing academic and business texts written in English or Arabic.

Promoting knowledge is our target

For more information, please contact the Community Development Institute – Continuing Education Building – Gaza

Tel/ fax: 2842640

E-mail: transunit

Web Site: http://