Vacancy Announcement

Electrical and Computer Engineering Consultant for Curriculum Development
The Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) has received a grant from the Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) – Ministry of Education and Higher Education and funded by the World Bank and the EC to implement the project entitled: “Improving the quality of practical aspects in electrical and computer engineering program to meet the market needs” and intends to apply part of this grant for selection and employment of highly qualified electrical and computer engineering consultant for curriculum development
Assignment Objective
IUG is considering the selection of a highly qualified electrical and computer engineering consultant to develop computer engineering curriculum
Under the general direction of the project manager, the electrical and computer engineering consultant will be responsible for:
Main Tasks and Responsibilities:
 Reviewing the current electrical and computer engineering curriculum
 Updated curriculum to match the job market needs of electrical and computer engineering
 Preparing Questionnaire, final reports
Minimum Requirements:
 A PhD degree in computer engineering
 Academic experience of minimum 5 years in electrical or computer engineering
 Extensive knowledge of local IT private sector companies.
 Ability to work in a team
 Excellent command of English Language.
 Excellent computer skills

 Questionnaire that help in studying how to develop electrical and computer engineering curriculum
 A final report within 3 months from signing the contract, stating the implementation plan which should include the following items:
1. Targeted courses including new course description (objectives, intended learning outcomes, teaching methodology, …)
2. Required teaching facilities to be improved or acquired
3. Needed new staff members including their qualifications and specialization areas.
4. Possibly new or modified teaching techniques.
Place of work:
Housed within IUG and will be supervised by the Project Manager.
Time Frame:
The duration of the assignment is 3 months
Interested Applicants are invited to submit their applications to the personnel affairs department at administrative affairs, the Islamic University of Gaza by Wednesday 9th of April, 2008 before 3.00 PM.