Helping Senior Medical Students Towards Graduation in Gaza


A unique initiative designed by and to be delivered to help Palestinian final-year medical students at the Islamic University of Gaza finish their degree despite the difficult economic circumstances they pass through.

Palestinian Medical Forum – Student Branch, the Medical Students’ Union at the Islamic University of Gaza will help final-year medical students, who are in need,  to pay accumulated tuition fees. Otherwise, those students will be deprived of joining the final exams and their dream of graduation will be postponed.

Why it is important to launch this campaign?   

For many years, the Gaza strip has suffered from successive disappointments due to the deteriorating economic conditions caused by the imposed Israeli siege and the repeated barbaric Israeli aggression on the Gaza strip.  Amid these challenges, ambitious Gazan youth emerged looking forward to making positive change by joining the Faculty of Medicine at the Islamic University of Gaza to be part in developing the deteriorating health system. Six years have passed since this group joined the Faculty of Medicine in 2015 and they are supposed to getting closer to long awaited moment of graduation. However, 73 out of 123 students will be deprived of graduation this summer due to the remaining part of tuition fees they should pay as soon as possible. Honestly, 73 isn’t just a number;  each student of them lives a story of suffering with their families who stand helplessly by, unable to cover their children’s educational needs because of the difficult economic circumstances.!/