PhD Scholarship Opportunities in “Educational Resources and Learning Processes in Kindergarten and School” in Norway

Deadline: February 15, 2021

The Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) in partnership with the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) are offering one PhD degree scholarship opportunity on “Educational Resources and Learning Processes in Kindergarten and School” in USN as part of the joint project “Developing the Teacher Education in Pedagogy for Early Childhood Education and Early Elementary School in Palestine and Norway” funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The candidate will be connected to the USN Doctoral Program Pedagogical Resources in Education (PEDRES). The program consists of four courses of 30 credits, and 150 credits related to independent research work, training and supervision in connection with the thesis.


Scholarship Duration: – The PhD program will be carried out within a three-year full-time study. The scholarship covers 2 full years in Norway and 1 full year in Gaza. The thesis must be completed within this time limit.


Scholarship Value: This full Scholarship comprises: – Payment of all tuition fees. – Visa and travel costs, economy travel to and from Palestine by an approved route for only one person. A monthly personal living allowance (stipend) to cover accommodation and living expenses.


The candidate will be affiliated to IUG all the time (with scholarship), and will have one supervisor from USN (main) and a co-supervisor from IUG. The candidate will have an office at USN (Year 1 and 2), and at IUG (year 3).


Research project description

Method: Qualitative research.


All applicants must provide a research description after the given template. The research description is emphasized in the evaluation of the candidates.


Applicants should submit their research proposal in the Early Childhood Education for either kindergarten or school (age 4-10) in the field of Inclusive education or Child centered pedagogy.  Inclusive education can for instance mean parental involvement, kindergarten/school inclusive environment, dialogical teaching, providing care for children with psycho-social needs. The candidates should select only one such field of research, and with a specified set of informants.  An example could for instance be Arabic speaking children/teachers in ECE in either Norway or Gaza, depending on the data collection choices.


The project description has to be well developed with new research reviews mirroring the particular field of the research question. The template shows which fields that must be part of


the research description, and should be developed with clarity, consistency and feasibility. For the timeline, the first part of the prjoect period should be devoted to theory, PhD doctoral courses and data gathering. The literature references should use the APA style.


The research description should also show how the project will strengthen the field of inclusive education at IUG


Mentoring of the project description is encouraged, as the quality and consistency of the project description is central to the evaluation, and available from January 8 2021.  For more information please contact:  


The candidate should have work experience from early childhoold education (Age 4-10) or schools and show practical experience with teaching children. Candidates with early childhood education experience will be preferred, yet depending on the quality of the research project.



Eligibility Criteria:

1-      Master Degree in education or English language teaching ELT.

2-      Only graduates of IUG Bachelor or Master degree.

3-      Applicants should formulate a simplified PhD project description (see the attached template).

Template project description USN-1.pdf

4-      Command of the English language: scores: IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL IBT 80

5-      Master degree graduation GPA not less than 80%.

6-      Applicants should write a motivation letter about 300-350 words indicating in it how they will contribute to IUG after getting the Ph. D.

7-      Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed.


Required documents:

1-      Bachelor and Master certificates and transcript of records,

2-      English language proficiency proof (must be completed and documented by the time of application

3-      ID

4-      Motivation letter, about 300-350 words.

5-      PhD project description.


How to apply: Completed applications should be submitted here –


Applications deadline: February 15, 2021  


For more information, please visit the following websites: –  –


University of South-Eastern Norway (USN):


Please feel free to contact us via email at Tel. 08-2832000, Ext. 1016 International Relations Department Or Ext. 2400 Faculty of Education or