Electrical and Computer Engineering Laboratory Equipment

(Reference Number R/6/p/2019-2020) 

كراس العطاء أجهزة مختبرات.docx

Please submit offers on the subject above as detailed in the attached file, taking into consideration the following:

1.    Time of delivery.

2.      Abidance to specifications and quantity.

3.      Prices are quoted in EURO and Zero VAT.

4. The tender booklet is purchased for($50).

5.      The university has the right of dividing the tender between more than one supplier, or cancel it without any legal obligation.

6.      The university is not obligated to accept the lowest prices, without giving any reasons or justifications.

7.      A bank check or bank guarantee amounting 5% of the total & valid for 90 days must be attached to your offer.

8.      A valid performance bank guarantee amounting 10% of the amount won in the tender should be submitted to IUG on the date of signing the contract, and to take in consideration that it should be valid for 90 days after the delivery date mentioned in your offer. 

9.      The offer should be valid for at least 90 days.

10.      The offer should be presented in a closed, sealed envelope, with the company name and address written, in addition to the tender title & number.

11. The Deadline for submission of offers is at 10:00 am on Wednesday 22/1/2020.

12. The envelopes open at 10:30 the same morning

13.  A complete set of the tender document may be downloaded from the university website http:// www.iugaza.edu.ps.

14.  Tender can be purchased at the Finance Department for the sum of JD 100 not refundable, between 9am – 3pm except Fridays & Sundays.

15.  Completed tender documents are to be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes marked with the tender reference number and the tender name and please make sure to attach a copy of the Finance Dep. receipt. 

16.  The financial offer and the technical offer should be submitted in separate documents, otherwise the offer will be not be considered.

16.  Any offer that does not comply with above conditions will not be taken into consideration.

17.  For further information about the tender please call Mr Mohammed Abu Jalala at telephone # 08 –  2641416.

18.Advertising fees in local newspapers for the bidder

Please review the attached file for information about Technical Specifications and quantities.

Best regards.

Mohammed Abu Jalala

Procurement & Supplies Unit

Islamic University – Gaza