IUG Participates In Information Workshop of Erasmus+ Program

29 - تشرين الثاني - 2020


The Islamic University of Gaza has participated in the introductory workshop of the European Union Erasmus+ program which was on the ways of applying for 2020 funded projects and the ways of getting finance.   

The workshop was convened Under the auspices of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Mahmoud Abu Moise and the Representative of the European Union in Jerusalem Mr. Sven Kun von Burgsdorf, in addition to the Representative of the Palestinian European Cooperation Mission for Higher Education (Erasmus+) in Palestine Dr. Nidal al-Jayousi, and with the participation of more than 350 participants from universities in the West Bank and Gaza, additionally to representatives of embassies, NGOs and various beneficiaries.

During the workshop, Dr. Abu Moise stressed the vital role of the European Union in supporting Palestinian higher education institutions through modernization of the higher education system. In addition, strengthening cooperation between universities, along with bridging the gaps between Palestinian, Arab and European higher education institutions, as well as improving the quality of the services of higher education institutions at all levels in Palestine were all in the core of EU strategic efforts.

His Excellency Dr. Abu Moise extended his thanks and congratulations to the Palestinian universities on winning 57 projects on the axis of building the capacities of higher education institutions with a budget of more than 52 million euros; Palestine was the main coordinator of 24 projects. He added: "This makes Palestine the highest in the Southern Mediterranean region in terms of the number of coordinated projects as it signed a large number of international exchange projects for the employees of higher education institutions and students between Palestinian and European universities".

His Excellency Dr. Abu Moise pointed out that through the Projects Of Erasmus+, Palestinian beneficiaries acquired different and new approaches to teaching e-learning, which provided them with the skills necessary for their jobs and careers in the future. He concluded that the relationship between the Ministry of Higher Education and the Office of Erasmus+ is integrated to support and develop the higher education sector in Palestine.

IUG has participated in the workshop with its success story in Erasmus+ projects, where the IUG External Relations presented a short video illustrating the impact of two of Erasmus projects on the university level, students level and staff.  

At the end of the workshop, the winners of the 2020 invitation projects were honored to submit proposals from Palestinian universities, and were encouraged to continue their successful participation in the program in the interest of Palestinian students and academic institutions.

On the proxy of IUG, President, Prof. Nasser Farahat, was honored for winning three projects in the Call 2020 as the university being a coordinator of the project "paving the way for a network that regulates the management of cooperative research assets ROAD" and a partner in the project "Empowering Teachers for Inclusive Education in Palestine" (TeachIn) and the third project is "Center of Efficiency for Smart Network Applications and Technologies (sGAT).