Since its establishment in 1978 as the first academic institution in Gaza Strip, the Islamic University – Gaza (IUG) has worked to strengthen its relationship with the Palestinian community to build an educated generation. The University’s concern has been to provide the Palestinian society in general, and the local community in Gaza strip in particular with, academic and social services.

The Materials and Soil Laboratories (MSL) were established in May 1995 in the form of two laboratories; the first for material and concrete testing, and the second for soil testing. Since that time, the MSL has gone trough rapid expansion and development.

Moreover, the package provided by consolidated cutrabtory company (CCC) complete new asphalt laboratory and a cement laboratory were established. Also, new modern equipment was added to the soil and concrete laboratories. The MSL is accredited by the ministry of Public Works and Housing and the Palestinian Standard Institute (PSI) and meets the requirements of PSI which is equivalent to ISO 9002. The MSL has established itself as the best equipped material testing laboratory Materials & Soil Labs