IUG Conference Hall is the biggest meeting room at the university, which seats more than 1,000 people in one activity, featuring a theater-style auditorium, private meeting rooms and an impressive lobby. It enjoys a central location, close to the university main entrance and surrounded by the university's sports and leisure facilities. We offer a modern purpose-built conference, carefully designed to complement the original buildings.  

Meeting Rooms

The Conference Hall contains meeting rooms of varying sizes, which includes various students and entrepreneurs activities. The rooms are spacious and well lit, the furniture is comfortable and flexible, and the decor is simple but pleasant.

The IUG conference hall can be adapted for various uses including lectures, seminars, and meetings. Overhead projectors and screens are offered at the hall and the surrounded rooms also.

The conference hall also has a reception room for the IUG guests with a lovely view. It is used for formal receptions and honoring personalities for their support and great achievements.