Community Development Institute
Community Development Institute is an academic institute grants a professional Diploma in many significant programs and majors. The establishment was in 2006/2007 after obtaining the accreditation of Ministry of Higher Education on many programs such as; English language, translation and management of civil society organizations. The institute is also working on designed other specialized programs like external trade, international business administration and children heath. Therefore, the institute has dedicated a well-qualified team of academics and trainers from the university and outside to teach these courses. In addition to that, there are an umber of labs and classrooms have been equipped with modern devices to achieve our aims.
- Prepare students with experiences and skills to be effective element in the process of building the Palestinian society.
- Improve the performance of all workers through providing them with the needed skills regarding academic and administrative fields.   
- Provide human cadres with modern methods and plans to improve their vocational status.
- Provide Alumni with theoretical materials and  practical skills to prepare them for local work market.
- Enhance the process of networking and outreach between academic institutions and other civil society organizations in Palestine.
Professional Programs and Diplomas :


Program / Diploma


Professional Diploma in Traveling and Tourism


Professional Diploma in Banking


English for specific Purposes:

  • Trade and Business

  • Politics and Journalism

  • Technical and Scientific

  • Academic Language


Professional Diploma in External Trade and International Business Administration


Professional Diploma in Management of Civil Society Organizations.


Professional Diploma in Translation


Professional Diploma in educational preparation for Trainers and Technicians (Under Accreditation)


Professional Diploma in Children Heath and Nutrition  (Under Accreditation)