Business Research & Development Unit (BRDU) was established in 1992 to meet the needs of the community in the area of administrative development and economic development. BRDU has an active role in training, preparing economic studies and offering advice. The BRDU activities has been developed according to the progress of necessities and needs of the Palestinian society to include applied studies in the various economic, administrative and marketing fields as well as giving attention to small projects.


BRDU tries very hard to

• Making studies and applied researches on various accounting, administrative, and economic fields to contribute in developing the different works.

• Preparing strategic plans , job descriptions and financial analysis of institutions

• Enhancing performance in the various institutions through scientific, technical and management consulting provided by the unit.

• Holding seminars, training courses, study days and workshops in various business

• Upgrading the academic and practical level for students and workers in fields of administrative and professional relationship that enable them to contact local and regional market.

• Data Statistical analysis of for researchers and scholars from students and others.