Closing Ceremony Of " Influencer Leaders" With BevoL Platform

08 - Dec - 2020
The Deanship of Students' Affairs at the Islamic University has finalized the training program, entitled " Community Leader and International, Digital and Social Influence Camp", which was established under the slogan of " influencers' leaders" and with cooperation with the international Bevol Platform in Turkey. 
This three-days training program was joint by (27) Arab and foreign countries via the Zoom program and watsapp. The Islamic University students' participation was fabulous in terms of discussions and the quality of questions. The titles of the daily tracks of training and working papers were distinctive and focused on the subject of personal and institutional influence at the level of community, media and knowledge. A group of competent trainers has been qualified to compete at the level of the Arab world.
Eng. Bashar Al-Haraki, who is the Director of the International Bevol Volunteering Platform, thanked the university’s participation in the camp, appreciating the students ’participation and interventions and their interaction in all working papers throughout the camp’s days. He, also, appreciated and promised to launch multiple meetings and interactive volunteer activities in the future.
The Dean of Students' Affairs at the Islamic University Dr. Saeid Al-Ghora, praised this experience noting that it comes within the framework of strengthening the partnership and the cooperation agreement which was started between the university and Bevel about a year and a half ago. Dr. Al-Ghora called for carrying out much more numbers of training camps and programs that are designed to sharpen students ’capabilities in building their personality, whether inside the university or after graduation in the labor market.

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