Asmaa Mustafa Wins AKS "Global Teacher" Award

29 - Nov - 2020

Asmaa Mustafa, a graduate from the Faculty of Education at the Islamic University, has won the title of "Global Teacher" from the AKS Education Award in India upon her interactive activities with her students in the English language, which has been created for them an innovative learning environment.

The institution launched the competition this year, in which more than 110 countries took part internationally; the best 100 participants has been only bestowed the title.

"I was allotted with three Palestinian participants to honor this title," Asmaa pleasingly said.

She pointed out that she stepped further than the traditional education system by creating topnotch and creative techniques for learning. "I employed 45 games to teach English for non-native speakers, including games which fitted the ages of students I teach, and according to the needs of learners," she reported.

Teacher Asmaa clarified that she resorted to scientific research, knowledge and exploration of what is suitable for the Palestinian student. And then she launched a project for global partnership in education, which resulted in visiting with her students more than 35 countries via the Zoom and Skype, as well as conducting educational trips via smart panels, all of which was to give the student a boost to practice the language and speak it better.

On the 29th of November, the Faculty of Education at the Islamic University of Gaza did honor Asmaa Mustafa for winning the title with attendance of the IUG president who praised her unique breakthrough and appear the university readiness to incubate all her activities and forward-looking ideas.

Prof. Magdi Aqel from the Faculty of Education said teaching English language as a second language with extraordinary thinking is standing a challenge for most of the teachers in the field. "What Asmaa did is such a pride and esteem for other teachers," he added.

Teacher Asma Mustafa ultimately praised the role of the Islamic University in serving all of its students, particularly her situation as a graduate and now a teacher. "All of my excellence is an extinction of the knowledge of my professor who taught me during my study at the Faculty of Education," she thankfully said.

"Winning the world prize is only a beginning of new path that opens up many roads and prospects. My excellence and hard working in the field is a performance of duty in the field I dedicated my time to," she concluded.