Inauguration of Computer Lab At IUG Disability Services Center

28 - Nov - 2020

Funded by Al Baraka Bank in Turkey, the Islamic University of Gaza in partnership with the Hope Foundation for Education, has inaugurated a brand-new computer laboratory in favor of visually impaired people who are studying in the Disability and Integration Services Center at IUG. The laboratory has been constructed and equipped with a view to facilitate the process of learning and aid students with disability fulfill their education.

The computer laboratory has covered a range of laptops, Perkins printing devices and audio recorders that convert "Word" writing files into audio files. The students thereby will get training on how to use these devices professionally and how to employ them in studying and in doing exams.

Prof. Nasser Al-Muzaini, the Chairman of the board of Trustees at Islamic university, said that the IUG long times ago has been attaching a great importance to educating people with disabilities in various areas believing that they have the full right to receive education at equal footing with others.

 "The university has been giving assistance to people with visual and hearing as well as mobility disabilities through the Disability and Integration Services Center and Irada Center," he reported.

On this event, the President of Islamic University prof. Nasser Farahat seized the time to thank those on charge of developing the center, calling for more cooperation and networking with supporting institutions.
"We have to work hard to help the students with disability step into their future as much qualified and rehabilitated as they can so that they can build their country and revive their community," he concluded.

Dr. Alaeddin Al-Jamassi, the Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education at IUG praised the effort saying that: "having this brand-new laboratory in our university will serve the mission of the university regarding people with disability in best shapes as the lab will simplify and enable students to practice their scientific activities as all other students and accordingly accomplish success".

Some students who have been visiting this Disability Services Center since their beginning at IUG were seen happier then ever as the center has become a wider incubator for their creativity and excellence. 

"This Center is alike to my home, where I found my relief, my passion, and my embracing environment," said one of the students pleasingly.